Welcome to Flatbar Selwerd 3!

Flatbar Selwerd 3 is located on the ground floor of student flat Selwerd 3. It is the place where residents, former residents and their acquaintances get together to have a good time while enjoying a delicious Hertog Jan beer (or another drink). You can also visit the bar for a game of pool, beerpong or foosball. There are parties on a regular basis in the flatbar, such as the yearly Flatparty, the metal/rocknights, karaoke and several theme parties. If you're new in Selwerd, the flatbar is the ideal place to get to know your flatmates.

The Flatbar is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 PM, unless indicated otherwise. The happy hour is from 9:00-10:00 PM, during which you can order beer and soda extra cheap.


The Flatbar is being kept alive bij the barcommittee, a group of people who maintain the bar on a voluntary basis and make sure that there is a bartender every night. Because everything is arranged by volunteers, the prices are cheap. During bar nights the barcommittee serves you your drinks and afterwards the bar will be cleaned for the next bar night.


The bar once started on floor 10South in the recreation room, where sodas and bottles of beer were sold. At the time there was no bar downstairs and 10South was home of the recreation room of the building. In march of 1983 the bar celebrated their 12,5 year anniversary.

Nuisance to the neighbourhood and a lot of stuff thrown down caused the bar to move to the ground floor, to a room that used to be the garage of the janitor, after the renovation of 1991. The new recreation room got a dispensing equipment of Leeuw Brewery and the flatbar was born.

In 1994 the police visited the bars of Selwerd 2 and 3. Those ran, just like the Selwerd 1 bar, without a license. After a lengthy consultation the municipality of Groningen decided to give the bars of the three student flats a club license. This made the bar legal, but it also now had to deal with business that previously didn't had to be taken into account. From that moment, the bar needed to have a manager and needed to be kept extra clean, because the Were Inspectorate could pay a visit.

In the summer of 1998 the bar was rebuilt to what it is nowadays. The bar also switched from Leeuw to Grolsch beer. About 6 years later most people were found to be fans of Hertog Jan beer, and in January 2005 the bar switched to Hertog Jan. To this day that is the beer that the barcommittee skilfully serves.